Bamboo has great importance not only in Vastu Shastra but also in Hinduism. Because one of the symbols of Lord Krishna, the flute is made of bamboo. Bamboo plant is very important in attracting good luck and positive energy to your home.

Both Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra consider bamboo plant very auspicious. Therefore, this plant is very important in Southeast Asian culture. In Hindu mythology, the bamboo plant has been described as very sacred and auspicious.

The bamboo plant is a symbol of comp.onship and friendship as it is associated with the Hindu god Krishna. As per Vastu, Bamboo tree represents beauty and simplicity. In this post, you can see at which place in your house planting a bamboo plant will bring good luck in your life.

living room or hall

Your hall is a great place to keep your lucky bamboo plant. Usually people spend most of their time with their families in the hall of the house. So keeping a bamboo plant in your hall can play an important role in improving the relationship with your family.

Placing a bamboo plant in the center of your hall table will benefit you. Doing this will bring positivity and help maintain peace and harmony in the house.


The kitchen is the place we most associate with health and well-being. Just like the way we cook and eat food, keeping a bamboo plant in the kitchen can affect your health.

The best benefit of bamboo plants is that they attract good health and prosperity. So keeping lucky bamboo in your kitchen can help improve your health and overall well-being. It also ensures protection from diseases.


Bedroom is our most private and safe place. Keeping a lucky bamboo plant in your bedroom can help you connect with your emotions better.

This is a great plant to have in your bedroom as it doesn’t require a lot of attention or time. Bamboo plant attracts love, especially double layered bamboo. To bring good luck and improve your emotional balance, keep a bamboo plant in your bedroom.

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Bamboo plant can be placed on your office desk or your home workplace. Bamboo is a lucky plant for your business and career. If you keep lucky bamboo at your workplace, it will bring you wealth and success.

This is a low-maintenance plant that doesn’t require a lot of sunlight, so it can brighten up your workspace. Bamboo attracts prosperity and expansion. If you want to get prosperity and immense success in your business, then plant a bamboo plant at your work place.

In which direction?

  • According to Vastu, keeping a bamboo plant in the east direction of your home will bring peace and harmony.
  • If you plant a bamboo plant in the south-west direction, it will attract good money and fortune.
  • You can place your lucky bamboo plant at the entrance of your home to welcome prosperity and peace to your home.
  • The stairs represent growth and progress. Keeping a bamboo plant on the steps of the house will lead to your overall development and you will achieve success.
  • Keeping a bamboo plant in the center of your home creates a positive atmosphere and cleanliness.

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