Chanakya Policy: Chanakya is considered one of the greatest scholars of Indian history. Whatever Acharya Chanakya acquired from his experience and understanding, he recorded it in his Chanakya Nidhi.

Chanakya Niti tells about how a man should live in happiness and despair and how to face the difficulties of life.

importance of parents
It is believed that a child’s primary school is his own home and his first teachers are his parents. This is where they learn the basics and also shape their personality.

Children are born innocent and what you do before them, they do. That’s why every parent should be careful towards their children and set an example of proper behavior. Let us see further how to shape the personality of children.

prof.ty –
Parents should always speak sweet language in front of children, because a person’s speech only makes his impression among others. Never use foul language or harsh language in front of them and always talk to others with respect.

Be polite not only in front of your children but also in front of others, it helps to strengthen your personality and improve your relationship with others. If your child sees that you treat everyone with respect, then showing respect and honor to others will become part of his behavior.

But if you talk rudely to each other at home, your child will pick up on the same and start talking to you and others in the same way.

Chanakya Niti: Tips for parents to shape child's personality in Tamil

To lie
Some people lie many things in front of their child or lie to hide something. But remember that if the child gets into the habit of lying then not only you will be harmed in future but also it will not be good for your child’s life. So never lie in front of your child.

Inspirational Stories –
According to Chanakya, children should be told adventure stories of incredible people from childhood, which will inspire children and give them good thoughts.

In such a situation, the desire to become like him arises in the young minds of the children. If great men become ideal for children, then their future will also be bright.

Chanakya says that children should not be killed
Children should always be guided with love because beating will only increase their stubbornness. But after the age of five, you have to be a little stricter with the kids. But still don’t hit your kids.

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