New Delhi: If any family member of your uncle, tau, brother or sister is a central employee, then now your luck is going to shine. The government is going to make a shocking announcement any day now on DA and fitment factor hike. The government will soon increase the DA substantially, due to which the basic salary will take a decent jump.

Apart from this, after a long time now good news can also be given on the fitment factor. If the government takes both these decisions, then it will be nothing short of a big gift for the employees, which is enough to win everyone’s heart. On the other hand, the government has not officially taken any such decision yet, but a big claim is being made in media reports.

There will be this much increase in DA

The central government is soon going to announce about 4 percent increase in the DA of the employees, which is being discussed rapidly. After this, the DA of central employees and pensioners will increase to 46 percent. Due to this, it is considered possible to reduce the minimum salary of the employees and increase in the maximum basic salary.

Employees are now getting the benefit of 42 percent DA. Anyway, would be happy to know that the government hikes DA twice every year, the rates of which are implemented every half year. If DA is increased now, then its rates will be considered effective from 1 July 2023. Earlier in March, the gift of DA hike was given, whose rates have been considered effective from January 1.

Got good news on fitment factor

Now it is discussed that the Modi government can give the benefit of quick fitment factor to central employees and pensioners, due to which people will get to see bumper benefits. Government can increase the fitment factor from 2.60 times to 3 times, which is not less than a big gift. With this, record-breaking increase in the basic salary of the employees is believed to be possible.

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