A thief stole a 90 feet long iron bridge in Mumbai. The weight of this bridge was 6,000 kg. The thieves first cut the bridge with the help of a gas cutter and then took it away in a truck. Through the registration number of this truck, the police reached the thieves. The police have arrested four people for stealing the iron bridge.

6000 kg iron bridge stolen

An official of the Bangur Nagar police station said the bridge belonged to the Ad. power company. A 90 feet long metal structure was built to carry the huge power lines in Malad. He said that after the construction of the permanent bridge over the canal, the temporary structure was shifted to another place in the area a few months back. He told that on June 26, the temporary bridge was found missing, after which the power company lodged a complaint with the police.

6000 kg iron bridge stolen

During the investigation, the police came to know that the bridge was last seen on 6 June. Since there were no CCTV cameras at the spot, the police scanned the footage of surveillance cameras installed in the surrounding areas and saw a large vehicle moving in the direction of the bridge on June 11, the official said. After this, the police traced the vehicle from the registration number.


The official said that after further investigation, the police identified an employee of the company that was given the contract to build the bridge. The official said that the police arrested the activist and his three accomplices last week. He told that the stolen goods have been recovered from the spot.

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