Bareilly of UP is known as Nath Nagri. There are also Navnath temples here and Nath Nagri is also being developed as Nath Corridor. The ancient temple of Nath Nagri is the 600 year old Trivatinath Temple. Lakhs of devotees visit this temple in Shravan and perform Jalabhishek. Thousands of devotees perform Jalabhishek here and pray to Lord Shiva to fulfill their wishes. Let us know the mythological history of the temple and what is its importance. The oldest Baba Trivatinath Mahadev Temple in Bareilly Mandal of UP is a center of faith not only for devotees living in Bareilly and entire Uttar Pradesh but also abroad. This religious place of Mahadev is 600 years old where Mahadev himself is sitting in the form of Shivling.

The cowherd saw a Shivling under the banyan tree

About 600 years ago there was a dense forest all around. All kinds of wild .mals lived in the forest. The forest was so terrible that usually no one came to this place. Sometimes shepherds used to come here to graze their cattle. Once a cowherd came to this forest to graze his cattle and after a long day, he took rest under a banyan tree and fell into a deep sleep. Then the shepherd had a divine dream, Mahadev himself appeared to him in his dream.

Get up, I am sitting under this banyan tree.

God of gods Mahadev said to the shepherd that get up, I am sitting under this banyan tree. Suddenly the cowherd woke up and saw a huge Shivalinga under the same huge banyan tree. He informed the people of the entire village about this. After this the people of the village worshiped Lord Mahadev seeing the Shiva Linga visible under a huge banyan tree. Since then, devotees started coming here to have darshan of this divine Shiva Linga. Whatever you wish for after coming here, it definitely gets fulfilled.

Jalabhishek in Shravan fulfills wishes

Tell that the devotees and some women devotees who came to the temple to perform Jalabhishek say that by offering Jalabhishek and Bilipatra in this temple in the month of Shravan, all the wishes of the mind are fulfilled. In the month of Shravan, people bring Kavad from Haridwar and far off places and fulfill their wishes. Trivatinath Temple This temple is also known as the center of faith of Sanatan Dharma in the country and abroad.


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