The crowd of devotees who reached the Mahakaleshwar temple on New Year broke all the records of Baba Mahakal’s darshan. On the very first day itself, more than 6.5 lakh devotees arrived to have darshan of Mahakal. The administration had estimated more than five lakh people to visit on New Year, but this figure of devotees reached around 6.5 lakh this evening.

System deteriorated due to overcrowding

With the new system, devotees were being given darshan in 40 minutes. The arrangements had to be changed several times due to sudden increase in the number of devotees. The process of darshan of Mahakal started with Bhasm Aarti in the morning. After this, the series of general philosophies continued to increase. To control which the queue of devotees was also set up from Triveni Museum near Mahakal Lok. Devotees entering from here and having darshan from Ganesh Mandapam were taken out through the exit gate made in Mahakal Lok. Similarly, the devotees who had taken receipt of Rs.250 for quick darshan, entered from behind Mahakal police station and were given entry from gate number 4 via Bada Ganesh ki Gali.

With the new system, devotees were being given darshan in 40 minutes.

Bhasma Aarti block from 7th to 13th January

Online Bhasma Aarti permission of Shri Mahakaleshwar has already been booked till 6th January. The online booking from January 7 to 13 has been blocked by the temple administration. No devotee will be able to book online for seven days. Some big event is being cited behind this.


The administration had estimated more than five lakh people to visit on New Year.

Seeing the crowd, the faces of the traders blossomed

Traders made huge profits when lakhs of devotees came to Ujjain. Today, the employment of those who shop for garlands, flower offerings, beauty supply shops, tattoo makers, tea-breakfast hotels, those who apply sandalwood-tilak on their foreheads, printed kurtas named Mahakal and other items were excellent. The fair of luxury vehicles outside the hotels with its e-rickshaws also shows that there was a lot of subscription today.

drone surveillance

The police department had also made preparations for the security system due to the possibility of more crowd than expected in the new year. According to police officials, drone surveillance was done today from Triveni Museum to Mahakal Lok and around Mahakal Temple. For this, 500 policemen were deployed and 350 jawans were also deployed for the security of Mahakal temple.

There was a situation of jam on the routes leading to Mahakal.

Heavy rush in jammed trains

Due to private vehicles of devotees coming to see Baba Mahakal and see Shri Mahakal Lok, jam situation remained on Begambagh, Jaisinghpura, Indore Road, Harifatak overbridge. The vehicles could not reach the parking lot towards the Karkaraj temple for the vehicles of the visitors coming to Mahakal. On the other hand, in the main market area leading to the Mahakal temple, the situation of jam remained due to local vehicles. At the same railway station, apart from the express train coming towards Ujjain, a crowd was also seen in the local trains running daily.

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