In a tragic incident in Arizona, USA, three citizens of Indian origin, including a woman, died after falling into a frozen lake. At the time when this painful happened, according to the information, at that time all three people were roaming above the lake. Due to sudden breaking of ice, all three fell into the cold water inside the lake. An attempt was made to save all three, but could not be saved. The incident occurred at 3:35 pm on December 26 at Woods Canyon Lake in Coconino County, Arizona.

The County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) said that the missing people have been identified as 49-year-old Narayan Muddana and 47-year-old Gokul Medisetty. The same victim woman has been identified as Harita Muddana. All three victims were residents of Chandler, Arizona and were originally from India.

The lives of all three could not be saved

Arizona officials said that the woman who fell into the frozen lake was rescued and taken out soon, but her life could not be saved. Later the dead bodies of the other two people were also taken out.

More than 60 people died

Let us tell you that at this time there is severe winter in America and Canada. In many states, the temperature is several degrees below zero. Alam is that in some places the condition of Bomb Cyclone has arisen, due to which more than 60 people have died in America itself. People were impressed.

Indian-origin youth dies in America

A 26-year-old Indian-origin youth died in a road accident on Monday in Clarion Township, Pennsylvania, USA. The deceased was identified as Manpreet Singh. According to the information, the news of vehicle accidents due to fog is continuously coming to the fore.

Big accident in China amidst fog

Dozens of vehicles crashed on a bridge in China’s Zhengzhou city today due to heavy fog. About 200 vehicles collided with each other in this accident. In which one person has died. Videos of this incident are becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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