New Delhi: Have you ever thought that a day will come when people will be able to fulfill their dream of earning big money in exchange of old notes and coins. You might find this thing very surprising, but it is 100% true. Now people are completing the journey of earning many lakhs of rupees by selling old notes, due to which they are roaming around as rich.

We are going to tell you a golden opportunity, where you can earn a fortune by selling old notes, which is a very beautiful opportunity. In fact, the demand for Rs 20 note is increasing in the global market, in return for which Rs 4 lakh is being received comfortably. You can sell this note sitting at home, first of all it will be necessary to know its features.

Know the specialty of 20 note

It is very important to know the specialty of the 20 note whose demand is increasing in the global market. Some qualities have been told to be necessary from the side of the purchasing company. First of all, you must have serial number 786 written on the note kept in your piggy bank. Apart from this, the color of the note kept with you should be pink.

You must be thinking that what is there in this note that is getting such a huge amount. Hey brother, people of Muslim community consider serial number 786 as very lucky, for which they spend huge amount of money. If you delay even a little, then you will have to repent. If you have kept one note then you can easily earn 4 lakhs and if you have kept 10 such notes then you can earn 40 lakh rupees.

Sell ​​20 note here

You will be surprised to know that you will not have to face any kind of problems to sell the 20 note kept nearby. For this, first of all, you have to register as a seller on the e-bay site. Not only this, the customers themselves will connect with you here, where they can sell the note at a desired price. The company has not officially announced the purchase of the note, but has published media reports as per the claim.


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