Sleeping Position: Sex between couples is important for fertility. However, the closer they are to each other, the more love grows. The trust in the relationship increases even more. Romance is a very important factor in sex. Because of this, it is very important to consider their priorities while getting close to each other. Along with this, the use of new things can also be beneficial in strengthening the relationship. There are some sleeping positions that can enhance your romance even more.

Sex is a very private moment in everyone’s life. Because of this no one is able to openly discuss about it with anyone other than the spouse. Sex gives a kind of mental satisfaction. However, having sex in the same position too often makes him lose interest. Or the same position starts getting boring. This reduces the attraction towards the partner. In such a situation, these 15 sleeping positions can bring a new twist to your sex life.

  1. spoon – Many people try this position all the time. In this, couples sleep facing the same direction.
  2. loose spoon The loose spoon is somewhat similar to the spoon position. It only maintains a short distance.
  3. chasing spoon In this position, couples try to sleep by hugging each other.
  4. Back to Back Touching Almost all couples try this position. In this the couples are very close to each other.
  5. Leg Hug Leg Hug is considered to be the most romantic position. In this, the couple sleeps by wrapping each other’s legs.
  6. Nourish Cradle is considered to be the sweetest position. In this the couple embrace each other with love.
  7. tetherball- In this position the couple sleeps next to each other. Physical contact is more effective in this.
  8. starfish One of the couple sleeps very comfortably in it. So, Partran tries to disturb her.
  9. Belly (both partners on stomach) In this position, couples sleep on their stomachs. In this position they try to come close to each other.
  10. Face to face touching This position is also very romantic. Because couples sleep facing each other. In this they can easily kiss each other and come closer.
  11. paper doll In this, the couple sleeps on the back holding each other’s hand. This is considered the most comfortable position.
  12. the cliffhanger In this, the male partner is intimate with the female as per his convenience. In this the woman is on the bed while the man is under the bed.
  13. Singles (The Shingles) In this situation the couple reacts to each other and tries to come as close as they feel comfortable.
  14. the tangle In this position, intimacy is achieved not by lying on the bed but by sitting.
  15. on-top of you On-top of you position is considered very special. One is sleeping in it. So, the other partner is in a sitting position.

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