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1,000 small railway stations to be renovated under the Amrit Bharat Station scheme

The Ministry of Railways has drawn up a new plan to modernize 1,000 small railway stations in the coming years as part of its station redevelopment drive. Small railway stations like New Delhi and Ahmedabad will also be rejuvenated under this scheme named ‘Amrit Bharat Station Yojana’. However, its cost will be relatively low. Salient features of these proposed stations include roof top plaza, large platforms, ballastless track and provision for 5th connectivity. The last pending projects will be covered under this scheme. However, the plan and the budget for it will be approved based on factors such as the number of people and inputs from stakeholders. About 10 crore to 20 crore rupees will be spent on the redevelopment of each station. will cost.

Rooftop Plaza will reduce congestion at stations

To avoid overcrowding at stations, the railway’s focus is on rooftop plazas. Generally, all facilities at railway stations are on the platform or outside the station premises, but now like foreign railway stations, most of the facilities will be on the rooftop plaza, while the platform will be used mainly for boarding or disembarking the train.

These new facilities will be built at the stations

Provision for rooftop plaza or such plaza in future. Free Wi-Fi, space for 5G mobile towers, wide roads, dedicated footpaths. Removal of unnecessary structures, well planned parking area, better lighting. 600 m at all stations. High level (760 mm to 840 mm) platform along the length. Special facilities for the disabled.


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