Mumbai: Seeing beggars begging outside railway stations, on roads or footpaths or near religious places in Mumbai, no one can even dream that one of them will be the richest beggar in the world. Ramesh (name changed), a beggar sitting near Azad Maidan in South Mumbai, owns property worth crores.

Ramesh has properties worth crores of rupees in Mumbai and Pune. The children of this poor man living in a luxurious flat worth 1.25 crores in Mumbai study in a convent school, he has a car.

Despite Dom Dom Sahib, the habit of begging does not go away. He doesn’t agree even when the family refuses. Magan says that I have become a millionaire only by begging. So how can I leave the profession of begging? He is survived by wife, two sons, brother and father.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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